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bracelet jewellery

Enjoy the rich look of gold with this fine bracelet jewellery. Made with 24k gold-filled smooth and corrugated beads and claspBeautiful pastel shades complement any Mom with semi-precious stone beads: Lapidolite, Denim Lapis, Yellow Jasper, China Jade, Rhodonite, 14k gold-filled smooth and corrugated beads, Czech glass letter beads, and 14k gold-filled clasp.
Incredible Bracelet With 5.30ctw Genuine Diamonds Beautifully Crafted in Solid 24K Yellow Gold 29.0g Length 6.75in
Nice Bracelet in 24K 925 Gold plated Silver 7.0g Length 7.5in
Pleasant Bracelet With Genuine 5.5-6mm Pearls5.5-6mm 5.5-6mm Beautifully Crafted in Solid Yellow Gold 23.6g Length 8in
Pleasant Gents Bracelet Well Made in Stainless steel 40.80g
Vibrant Bracelet With 1.00ctw Precious Stones - Genuine Super Clean Diamonds and Tanzanites Well Made in Solid 24K Yellow Gold 8.50g Length 7in
Dazzling Bracelet With 3.45ctw Precious Stones - Genuine Diamonds and Sapphires Beautifully Crafted in Solid 24K White Gold 8.7g Length 7in .

Darling Bracelet With 2.00ctw Genuine Crystals Beautifully Designed in Blue Leather and Stainless steel 25.20g Length 7in
Elegant Bracelet With 13.04ctw Genuine Topazes Made in Solid 925 Sterling silver 12.0g Length 7.5in
Wonderful Bracelet With Precious Stones - Genuine Amethysts and 6.5mmmm Pearls Made in Solid 925 Sterling silver 10.5g Length 7in
Darling Gents Bracelet Beautifully Crafted in Titanium 27.3g Length 8.5in
Nice Bracelet With 8.30ctw Precious Stones - Genuine Opals and Amethysts Beautifully Designed in Solid 925 Sterling silver 10.4g Length 7.5in
Darling Bracelet With Genuine Pearls Length 7.25in

Nice Necklace With 1.40ctw Genuine Topaz Made in Solid Yellow Gold Length 18in
Stylish Bracelet With Genuine Pearls Crafted in Solid 925 Sterling silver 10.5g and Brown Leather Length 7.5in
Pleasant Bracelet With 4.05ctw Genuine Peridots Beautifully Crafted in Solid 925 Sterling silver 17.50g Length 7.5in
Fabulous Bracelet With 2.00ctw Genuine Diamonds in Solid Yellow Gold 9.4g Length 7.25in
Impressive Bracelet With 11.28ctw Precious Stones - Genuine Diamonds and Topazes Well Made in Solid White Gold 9.2g Length 7.25in

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Antique Jewellery

Antique Jewellery Production, Chennai Traditional jewellers, Antique Jewellery Chennai, Antique Jewellery Supplier Chennai

This comprises of a double hook pendent and a necklace. Double hook pendent is studded with Kundan stone and uncut rubies. It can be worn either with the thread, beads chain or gold chain. It weighs around 22grams. The light weight necklace with enamel work gives a cool tradition look. It is fitted with a chain called “thandu”. It weighs around 32 grams
Lalitha Jewellery one of the largest collections of Bridal, Antique, Diamond Studded and Gents Jewellery the Country. The designs range from the traditional Travancore Jewellery to the Ultra modern Calcutta Jewellery and Lightweight Coimbatore Jewellery, traditional jewellery from Rajkot, Rajasthan and Delhi and Studded items from Kharwar & Nellore.

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Gems & Jewellery

Gem and jewelry are beautiful and decorative objects worn by both men and women in order to add glory to their personality. They are available in various forms like rings, necklace, pendants, bracelets and many more, made from various materials and metals like diamond, gold, silver, precious and semi precious stones, and artificial jewelry. One can choose from variety of design, to suit each and every occasion. The price range depends on the material, design and form of the jewelry. Moreover some of the jewelry has good resale value too.

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Choose the Right Gem Stone

According to Indian astrology, stones are suggested only after verifying one's horoscope. If a planet is weak in the horoscope, wearing the particular stone for it is said to boost the influence of the respective planets in your life bringing with it the related benefits.

For every stone, astrologers recommend a finger on which it is to be worn and an auspicious time to commence wearing it. Astrology doesn't support the wearing of some stones and agrees with the use of others. But this depends entirely on the individual's horoscope. So the wearing of a gemstone should ideally be commenced only after consulting an astrologer. All gems have semiprecious stone.

Timeless Pearls

Considered to be the 'Queen among gems', pearl is synonymous with grace and elegance. The allure of pearl is timeless and universal. And it symbolises the virtues like love, wisdom, justice and spirituality.

Always regarded as one of the rarest, most valuable, regal and symbolic of all gems, its praises are sung by great poets of every age, it is praised in every culture.

The five most important element to grading a pearl are luster, size, shape, colour and weight.

It?s time you looked beautiful, elegant and graceful in our pearl jewellery.

Pearl represents the Moon. Believed to bring mental peace, economic prosperity, higher education and enhanced family status, its use during the period of the Moon brings favours. The Pearl is also used to heal eye related illnesses, any mental disorders and to assist good lactation. The ideal time to commence wearing a pearl is within an hour of sunrise on Monday. It is to be worn on the ring finger

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The new world of silver

Our all new sensational silver collection is designed by contemporary designers.

The range extends from traditional designs to trendy styles and includes anklets, rings, earrings, pendants, necklaces and exclusive gift articles.

Our jewellery is crafted in shimmering silver with 92.5 purity and polished to an exquisite finish.

The new world of diamonds
Our sub brand Ratnaloka is the new world of diamonds. It's a sparkling corner at our showroom that radiates by itself and ready to transfer the radiance on to you.
The incredible collection of pure diamonds will enchant you if you are a diamond fan.

Pure Gold

For the last 84 years, we have been celebrating the finest designs in pure gold to suit every occasion in a journey called life. From birth to marriages and beyond, every special day is turned extra special with Bhima’s pure gold. And every auspicious moments is made divine by adding a tinge of purity with pure gold from Bhima.

Our range in gold includes bridal collection, engagement collection, teens wear, antique collection, lightweight collection, daily wear collection, party wear, office wear collection etc.

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Khazana Jewellery

Khazana Jewellery launched its first retail outlet in the year 1989 at NSC Bose Road in Chennai.

In 1992, the Government of India accorded the company the status of “Export House”. In 1993, Khazana opened a professionally managed outlet in Cathedral Road, an up market area in Chennai. The Cathedral Road outlet has eventually become the flagship store of Khazana and the complex housing Khazana Jewellery (Khazana Plaza) has also become an important landmark in Chennai. The next retail outlet was opened in the heart of Gold market at T.Nagar, Chennai, in the year 1998 in place of N.S.C. Bose Road outlet.

After consolidating in Chennai, Khazana Jewellery turned its focus on rest of the South Indian markets. In 2004, Khazana opened its first showroom in Somajiguda, Hyderabad and in 2005 two showrooms were opened in Visakhapatnam and Vijayawada. Due to an increase in public demand, Khazana opened its sixth showroom in Hyderabad at Abids in 2006. On 28th June 2006, two showrooms were consecutively inaugurated in Bangalore - one at Commercial Street and the other at Jayanagar. Khazana opened its ninth showroom in Tirupathi on 09 may 2007, its fifth showroom in Andhra Pradesh. Khazana's 10th showroom was opened in Mangalore on 25-Jul-2007, its third showroom in Karnataka. Khazana opened its 11th showroom in Guntur on 13-Oct-2007, its sixth showroom in Andhra Pradesh.

Khazana's 12th showroom was opened in Coimbatore on 28-Feb-2008, its third showroom in Tamilnadu. Khazana opened its 13th showroom in Kakinada on 12-Mar-2008, its seventh showroom in Andhra Pradesh. Khazana’s 14th showroom was opened in Salem on 03-05-2008, its fourth showroom in Tamilnadu. Khazana opened its 15th showroom in Kukatpally, Hyderabad on 11-May-2008, its eighth showroom in Andhra Pradesh. Khazana opened its 16th showroom in Bhimavaram on 14-Jul-2008, its ninth showroom in Andhra Pradesh. Khazana opened its 17th showroom in Rajahmundry on 01-Jul-2009, its tenth showroom in Andhra Pradesh.